About the Conference

Recent times have been characterized by upheavals in technology, disruptions in societal milieu, changes in business landscapes, reorganization of the geopolitical order. These changes have created enormous pressure on leaders of governments, businesses and institutions to rise and respond to the changes.

With the globe recovering from the pandemic and the world at large returning to normalcy, the need of the hour is to bring back the economy to the pre-pandemic levels with special emphasis on building resilience and sustainability in any system that will be able to excel in the future.

Today businesses expect the environment to be full of disruptions and uncertainty and hence endeavor to create resilience to be able to thrive in the era of disruptions.

Businesses and institutions have now understood the importance of the following 4 pillars based upon which a successful future can be envisaged:

  • Understand the changes in the geo-political order.
  • Participate in the resurging world economy.
  • Pay heed to the increasing awareness and importance of sustainability and health amongst all stakeholders of a society.
  • Embrace the advent of rapid digitization and digital transformation in all businesses.

A few research areas that the conference will endeavor to explore are:

  • How organizations and institutions adapt to change and thrive in an environment beset with disruptions.
  • How organizations define a purpose and implement that purpose.
  • How organizations leverage emerging technologies.
  • How organizations build themselves for the future by seizing opportunities that are emerging in the business environment.

History of ICAMT

Jaypee Business School has organised two international conferences on “Advances in Management and Technology (ICAMT)” in the year 2015 and on “Information Technology and Quantitative Management (ITQM)” in the year 2017 with the aim of providing a forum where the tectonic shifts in business practices across the globe are discussed. These conferences were successful in bringing together leading academicians, scientists, research scholars and members of the business community to exchange their experiences and research on diverse aspects pertaining to business, management, and technology. It is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary forum for researchers, industry practitioners and educators to discuss recent innovation, trends and challenges.

The third international conference 2nd ICAMT-2022 was held on 24-26 February 2022 with the theme “Emerging Paradigms for Digital Transformation of Business”. The 2nd ICAMT was conceptualised and designed around the theme that digital transformation of business is a ”wake up” call and companies will be required to change the way they function as digitisation along with its accompanying requirement of digital skill sets is the new epicentre of organisations.

After a very successful 2nd ICAMT-2022, JBS is proud to organise the 3rd ICAMT on 23-25 February 2023. The 3rd ICAMT will have the theme “Building Resilient Businesses for Sustainability in the Era of Disruptions”. The pandemic has set a silent siren ringing and across the world over there is a realisation about the importance of sustainable business practices. In fact sustainability is becoming more and more integrated across organisations, and company boards all over the world are emphasising that sustainability should drive future innovations.

In our constantly evolving digital world, new technologies are disrupting traditional consumer relationships and providing new entry points for competitors. ICAMT-2023 shall provide a platform to share information, research and strategies on how to sustain growth in the era of disruption.

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