About the Conference

From unforeseen geopolitical events, pandemics, extreme weather events, the list of unknowns facing today’s businesses is overwhelming. In 2020, the largest health and economic crisis in recent history, the corona virus pandemic, forced companies across sectors to take extraordinary measures to protect the staff and maintain operations. The companies that had already scaled digital technologies had an edge. The pandemic forced every company, small, medium or large, to move work from their offices to their employees’ homes. The following fundamental changes are irreversibly altering the way companies are operating:

  • Remote work will become the rule not the exception.
  • Agile team will operate in many geographical areas.
  • Digital Business Models powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will become the only viable models in many sectors.
  • New leadership skills will be required to run virtual global companies.
  • Firms will be required to diversify their dependency from one region to having a global presence.

This conference aims at providing a platform to academicians, industry practitioners and researchers from India and across the world to share their views, research and experiences on the "next normal" business practices which will require people globally to refresh their skills. The conference provides an interdisciplinary platform for academicians, researchers, research scholars and practitioners to present and discuss the recent innovations, trends as well as the challenges faced by business organizations as they respond to continuous change in technology and economic system.

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