Conference Tracks

Track 1- Evolving Frameworks in Human Capital Management

  • Managing Multicultural workforce
  • Building capacities in rural communities
  • Agility and workforce
  • Re-skilling workforce and evolving technology
  • People, Processes and HR Systems

Track 2- Analytics for Better Business Decision

  • Innovative methods in Business data analytics
  • Computational techniques for forecasting and prediction of business data
  • Machine learning for business applications
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Data Privacy

Track 3- Evolving Issues in Operations Management

  • Supply chain automation
  • Reaching higher profits through operational transformation
  • Data Driven Quality Management
  • Smart Manufacturing and services
  • Operational Resilience

Track 4- Rebooting Marketing

  • Sustainable marketing practices
  • Building Resilient Brands
  • Changing patterns of Consumer behaviour
  • Socially responsible marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Track 5- Advances in Finance and Accounts

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Crisis, Systemic Risk and Macro-finance
  • Quality of Financial Reporting
  • FDI and Economic growth

Track-6- Emerging Technologies in Business

  • Digital Innovation Management Practices
  • Digitization of Business Practices
  • AI in Business
  • Block Chain
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Applications and Business

Track-7- Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Resource Mobilization and Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Responsibility Ethics and Accountability
  • Emerging Business Models
  • Entrepreneurship and family business
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat
  • Energy Studies
  • Urbanization and Smart Cities
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