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Club Activities at JBS

As of now JBS has the following clubs-

Business and Economics Hub JIIT Economics and Business Hub endeavours to create opportunities and a learning platform for student community at JBS/JIIT for co-curricular events related to contemporary happenings in the Business Management world.
For this purpose the Hub has organized webinars guest lectures, panel discussions, debates, poster making competitions and has recently begun to organize an annual management-game based event named “JBS Manager of the Year”.
Furthermore to improve presentation skills, communication skills and the ability to link contemporary business events to concepts taught in class the hub has started “Business Buzz” series in 2022 after the University opened in the post pandemic world.
We sincerely hope you participate in the activities conducted by the hub and also bring to the table innovative event ideas to execute, so that students and participants involved can sharpen their business acumen and make their stay at JBS/JIIT eventful and memorable.
Finanza, the Finance Club Finanza ,the Finance Club of JBS provides the students a platform to explore everything old and new in finance. It is a student-driven body aiming to disseminate the knowledge of finance amongst its seekers and provide a platform to students to showcase their talent by means of various inter and intra college events, guest lectures, workshops, information sessions about careers and companies. This club is for everyone, not just people who want a career in finance because everyone encounters finance in their daily life and financial literacy is a skill everyone can benefit from.
Faculty Coordinator: Dr Arshi Barin
Student Coordinator: Kinjal Nathiyapreneurs/Family Business
Human Resource Management Club: HRUDAY The club is run by the students along with faculty coordinators Dr Divya Goel and Dr. Richa Chauhan and conducts activities focused at:
  • 1. Learning about the exciting world of Human Resources?
  • 2. Developing valuable skills for your resume
  • 3. Networking with industry professionals
  • 4. Gaining a competitive edge in the job market
HRUDAY offer fun and engaging environment where you can:
  • -Attend workshops and speaker sessions led by HR professionals.
  • -Participate in case studies and simulations to gain practical experience.
  • -Network with classmates and alumni who share your passion for HR.
  • -Learn valuable skills like resume writing, interviewing, and compensation planning.
Social Media Club Life at the JBS Social Media CLUB Weaving the JBS Story Across Platforms
The JBS social media team is a vibrant hub where creativity meets strategy. We're a passionate group responsible for crafting the online narrative of JBS across various platforms – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Our mission? To showcase the JBS experience and connect with a diverse audience.
The Consulting Club of JBS: Where Great Ideas Take Flight The Consulting Club of JBS is more than just a club – it's a breeding ground for future business leaders. We ignite the spark of innovation, fostering a community where students can develop razor-sharp problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. Drawing inspiration from the world of top Management Consulting firms like McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company (MBB), we equip members with the tools needed to dissect complex challenges and craft solutions that drive real-world impact.
The Club serves as a launchpad for aspiring consultants, offering them a platform to network with industry professionals, participate in stimulating case competitions, and hone their analytical prowess. By joining the Consulting Club of JBS, you'll embark on a transformative journey, shaping the future of business alongside a passionate and driven community. This Club the headed by Faculty Coordinator Dr. Shivangi Saxena, with student Coordinator Rohan Agarwal.
Marketing Minds The goal of Marketing Minds the Marketing /Management Club of JBS is to explore and participate in different facets of marketing. The club will assist in giving students chances to study, connect, and obtain real-world experience in marketing. The following are some objectives that the marketing club wants to highlight:.
  • 1.Educational Events: The club will host lectures, seminars, and workshops to teach students about various marketing techniques, technologies, and trends. Professors, marketing experts, and industry guests are possible speakers at these events.
  • 2.Industry Insight: The club will keep its members informed about the newest trends, technologies, and best practices in the marketing sector.
  • 3.Collaborative Projects: The marketing club enables students to work together on campaigns, events, or initiatives related to marketing. They can hone their project management and cooperation abilities in this cooperative setting..
  • 4.Competitions: The club will host marketing contests. Students can demonstrate their abilities in a competitive environment by working on projects such as case studies or marketing plans. A student's academic experience can be greatly enhanced by joining the marketing club. It provides a hands-on learning environment to supplement classroom instruction and lays a solid basis for a career in marketing.

Chief Patron: Prof. Anubha Vashisht, Director, JBS
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Katoch, Assistant Professor (JBS)
Chairperson:Anant Prakash Srivastava