Industry Visits by JBS Students

JBS had organized a visit for First Year MBA 2016-18 batch to the state of the art, Maruti Suzuki Plant in Gurugram. 33 students along with 3 faculty members had gone for the visit.

It was very refreshing to see how strict rules and regulations were followed in every aspect of plant as students learnt the importance of discipline in the pursuit of excellence. The visitor group first gathered in a large classroom and was shown a video which provided an insight into the history of the company and how the company had touched millions of lives during its existence. The students were then given protective helmets and taken for a tour where they saw different cars being assembled. It was amazing to see the level of automation and how little human intervention was required to manufacture a Maruti Suzuki Car.

After the factory visit, the visitor group again convened in the same classroom where the Executive Director, Mr. Rajesh Uppal had an interaction with the students and was gracious enough to answer numerous questions posed by the excited and curious, JBS students.

The trip ended after the students were treated to a sumptuous meal at the Maruti Cafeteria where it was great to see employees from all different cadres eating together. The trip was not only enjoyable, but it also imparted a lot of learning to the students.

JBS students visited the Moserbaer plant in Greater Noida on April 10, 2017. It was a learning experience where the students were made to understand the operations facility at the plant in detail. The Senior Manager-HR took a session to provide an overall industry overview and helped the students to relate the concepts taught in the class with the company’s performance. The day long visit educated the students to enhance their understanding before they go for the Corporate Internship having completed their foundation courses of MBA 1st year.