JBS BBA Program

About the Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) Program

The 3 year full time BBA curriculum is imaginative and flexible and is comprised of creative combinations of disciplines of study. Innovative and stimulating pedagogical practices stimulate the students’ learning experience. The BBA program aims at developing in the students a set of broad based competencies, an understanding of the social and human context and instil in them strong ethical values.

The broad goal of the BBA program is to provide the students a general education curriculum that provides learning in multiple disciplines along with indepth knowledge of the management discipline. In this way the students are prepared to deal with complexity, diversity and change. Value added courses on communication, analytical and problem solving skills and theatre equip the students with the ability to apply knowledge and skills in the real world settings.

Successful graduates of this course can opt for a range of jobs from sectors like finance, marketing, sales, management, government, health and education.

The curriculum of this 3-year undergraduate BBA program is designed with the options of specialization in HR, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Business Analytics, Insurance and Banking, Family Business & Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Healthcare Management. The curriculum is spread over six semesters with each semester having sixteen weeks that includes teaching and evaluation. Last two semesters of the program makes provision for choice of discipline specific electives for specialization.

Salient Features of the Program

BBA program provides an opportunity to acquire professional skills and develops leadership, communication skills, critical thinking and decision making abilities. The program prepares students for a lucrative entry-level managerial roles.

The salient features of the BBA Program at JBS:

  • Application oriented learning with emphasis on solution generation through case study methodology
  • Clearly defined outcomes in each course ensure lifelong learning and placement readiness.
  • Courses are mapped with emerging opportunities in the corporate world.
  • Faculty led teaching supplemented by experiential and self-learning.
  • Focus on live interdisciplinary projects
  • Focus on skill development
  • Frequent value added lectures from industry professionals.
  • Helps you in developing a good foundation of management knowledge.
  • Industry relevant specialisation courses ensure employability.
  • Learning by doing at the mandatory Corporate Internships.
  • Information Technology integration via:
    1. Online marketing tools and social media
    2. Use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
    3. Webinars.
  • Professional guidance from industry mentors.
  • Smart and interactive classrooms infrastructure.
  • Social and gender sensitivity training through community based activities/ social internships.
  • Social internship with an NGO or the Unnabharat Abhiyaan Cell (an MHRD initiated) of the University.
  • Offers CBCS ( Choice Based Credit System) in the BBA curriculum.